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Flamenco Soy

Jueves FlamencoA newly created series by Omayra Amaya portraying the lives of five exceptional flamenco artists.

"Calling out “Olé!” and other words of encouragement, they provided the essential ambiente. The artists responded accordingly, improvising inspired bits..." Read more of review >

A series of cabaret style shows about the daily encounters and experiences surrounding the lives of five flamenco artists The show is presented through Flamenco theater, featuring inspiring music, fluent and skillfully balanced choreography, and enticing rhythms. An intimate portrayal of life, as it takes you on an unforgettable journey exploring a complex facet of human emotions and interactions.

Featuring Dancing and Choreography by Omayra Amaya
Roberto Castellon, Flamenco Guitar and Music Composer
Curro Cueto, Flamenco Singer
Jose Moreno, Dancer and Percussion
Oscar Valero, dancer



CastellonRoberto Castellon 
Flamenco Guitarist & Composer

Roberto began his flamenco career at a very early age. His father, guitarist and singer, Roberto Castellon, was his first teacher. By the age of 6, Roberto Jr. was performing at the famous Chateau Madrid in NYC, where he sang and played the guitar accompanied by his father. By the age of 9, Roberto Jr. was performing with his father in various Cultural Events and Festivals touring the east coast. Roberto Jr. continued studying flamenco guitar under the great guitarist Manolo Baron. Roberto was greatly influenced by the playing and singing of the great Sabicas, Paco De Lucia and Camaron De La Isla. By the age of 19, he began touring with many companies such as the Jose Greco Company. Later, he toured with Maria Benitez Teatro Flamenco, Carlota Santana’s Flamenco Vivo Company, Jose Greco Jr., The American Bolero Dance Company, Maria Serrano Alhama Flamenco Dance Company in Germany, La Tania Flamenco and many others. He has toured the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, India, Taiwan, Greece and South America. Roberto has worked with many well known artists such as: Rafael Fajardo, Andres Marin, Rafael Campallo, Juan Andres Maya, Miguel Ortega,and Omayra Amaya . Roberto is also an acclaimed composer, he has composed and directed works for many flamenco productions such as Mano a Mano for Carlota Santana’s company and also Bailaor from the production of Bailaor/Bailaora which was featured at The New Victory Theater and at the Joyce Theater in NYC. In November of 2002 Roberto released his first CD titled La Guitarra. In 2004, Roberto was invited by the Gypsy Association of Madrid, Spain to perform in their festival. In 2005, Roberto performs in the Festival De Butarque en Madrid, Spain. In 2009, Roberto guest stars with the Anchorage Opera in “Hot Spanish Nights receiving wonderful reviews. In 2013, Roberto Castellon was invited to perform with The New York Philarmonic at Lincoln Center. 

"As for Castellon, who uses his guitar as both a percussion and string instrument, he can move seamlessly from the purely classical to the dreamily impressionistic to the cuttingly jazzy all in the same piece. He has worked stunning new twists on a unique old art."  –Hedy Weiss, The Chicago SunTimes

"Roberto Castellon, is as smooth as silk; even in the most complex scales, plucking and strumming seem to flow through his fingers without effort. Without warning, he can jump from a meditative moment into a fierce riff".  –Molly Glentzer, The Houston Chronicle

"Roberto Castellon played glimmering runs and fast strummed crescendos, he moved from filigreed finger-picking to racing lines to vehement strumming."  –Jon Pareles, The New York Times

“Sitting with one leg crossed over the other, his face placid and body still, Castellon played as if born to it. Indeed he was. The flamenco guitarist, singer and composer who first performed on stage at age 6 wooed the crowd with his virtuosity by letting his strumming, thumping, picking hand convey passion and restraint in equal measure.”  –Dawnell Smith, The Anchorage Daily News

"It was absolutely AMAZING! From the second the performers took the stage I was captivated and awe inspired by their talent, beauty, and passion. This group of performers didn't just execute the music and dance that they have obviously spent hours perfecting. They became the music with every fiber of their being. They literally moved me to tears."  –Audience member


CurroCurro Cueto  Flamenco Singer
Born in Marchena, Sevilla in Andalucía, Spain, renowned singer and musician, Curro Cuento, hails from a lineage deeply rooted in the gypsy flamenco tradition. He grew up surrounded by famed flamenco artists such as his uncle, guitarist Melchor de Marchena, next to whom he began his training in the flamenco cante.  At 18 years old he began studying music and the flute at the Conservatory of Malaga and Conservatory of Cordoba.

He has performed alongside celebrated flamenco artists such as El Guito, Manolete, El Chino, Enrique de Melchor, Victor Monje “Serranito,” Angel Rubio and The Big Band Forum and participated in the collaborative project, Digitano.  He is the co-founder and a member of Triada Sur.  Curro has also toured with the National Jazz Orchestra of Spain under the direction of Ramon Farran and Angel Rubio.

Curro is the author of various recordings such as “Flamenco Vivo,” “Pasar de Tiempo” and “A Mi Atiphic.” He is the creator of the innovative and invaluable flamenco cante teaching method “El flamenco en su medida” and authored a book by the same name. He is also the author of “Method of Singing and Flamenco Rhythms,”a manual recognized worldwide as the fundamental tool for Flamenco study.


JoseJosé Moreno  Dancer/Choreographer/Percussionist
Born into the family of famous flamenco artists Estrella Morena (dancer) and Pepe de Málaga (singer), Jose began his flamenco career as a child. He made his debut at the famed tablao flamenco Costa Vasca. Jose continued his dance studies with the Great Manolete, Farruquito, and Andres Marin as well as cajon percussion with Manuel Soler. Jose has been invited to perform in various companies around the world with distinguished artists such as The Great Manolete, Joaquin Ruiz, Pastora Galvan, Jose Cortes “Pansequito,” Jose de Luna, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Roberto Castellon, Pedro Cortes, Jose Valle “Chuscales,” Basilio Garcia, Paco Heredia, Elena Andujar, Jesus Montoya, Zorongo Flamenco Dance, La Tania, Miguel Vargas, Nelida Tirado, Antonio Hidalgo, Curro Cueto, Gonzalo Grau, Edwin Aparicio, Amparo Heredia, Antonio Granjero, Omayra Amaya, and many others. In 2001, Jose choreographed and performed a collaborative work with his mother, Estrella Morena and renowned flamenco singer Carmen Linares with the New World Symphony Orchestra at Lincoln Theater. In 2007, Jose performed with the internationally celebrated Isabel Pantoja and David Bisbal in Premios lo Nuestro. In 2010 he performed in the 7th Annual Panama Jazz Festival, at Carnegie Hall, and most recently in the 2013 Zorro the Musical at the Alliance Theatre.

“Jose Moreno carries a weighty, powerful presence that expanded and filled the theatre. In the Solea por Buleria, he paced and treaded heavily, like a bull in its most dangerous expression before charging.”  –Flamenco Buzz, New York


Oscar Valero  Dancer
Growing up in Valencia, Spain, Óscar Valero began studying flamenco and classical Spanish dance as a child. By the age of seventeen, he was performing professionally with various companies in Spain. In 1998-2000, Óscar became a soloist with the Antonio Canales Flamenco Company and was featured in the company's productions of Gitano, Torero, Bengues, Raíz a Cuerda y Tacón. Oscar also performed with the María Pagés Dance Company in its productions of La Tirana, Flamenco Republic, and El Perro Andaluz.

Oscar has appeared in various festivals In Spain he has appeared at the venerated Festival de Jerez, Festival de Cantes de las Minas (La Union), and La Bienal de Sevilla. He has performed alongside Antonio Canales around the globe, including international festivals in Lyon, Bogotá, Tel Aviv, Spoleto, and Tokyo. He has also accompanied María Pagés in festivals in Boston and New York City amongst featured such artists as Farruquito, Carmen Linares, and Manolo Sanlúcar. In 2006 Óscar inaugurated the Flamenco Festival in Valencia with stellar performers such as Tomatito and Eva La Yerba Buena.

In October 2009, The Joyce SoHo presented a brand new production of Valero’s Fuerza, El Swing del Flamenco, which was widely acclaimed not only for his dancing and choreography but also for his musical composition.

The multitalented and versatile flamenco dancer, choreographer, singer and percussionist currently divides his time and artistry equally between the United States and his native Spain. Recently his New York City-based Óscar Valero Dance Company presented Valero’s original creation Fuerza to sold-out audiences at the renowned Baryshnikov Arts Center, the JCC Arts Center as well as The Connelly Theater in NYC. He appeared in the film Pink Panther II with Steve Martin and the New York’s Metropolitan Opera’s production of Carmen.


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